Roller Shutter Door


Standard Roller Shutter Doors. A model of Rolling Doors with strong steel slats.
It is suitable for all kinds of factories, commercial buildings, and garages.

Stable operation, good wind resistance and burglarproof performance.

3. Anti-corrosive. Slats and guide rails are made from galvanized steel. And surface is treated with electrostatic powder coating.
4. Convenient operation methods. Every door is equipped with a set of control button box, for daily operation. Optional remote control is available as additional choice.

5. Auto-Manual dual operation modes. When there is power failure or breakdown, the door can be opened or closed by manual operation chain.

Technical Data:

Max dimension:

12000mm wide*10000mm high

Wind resistance:

Beaufort scale 12 (35m/s)

Running speed:


Power supply:

1-phase 220±10%V,50/60HZ, or

3-phase 380V±10%V,50/60HZ

Thickness of slats:


Available colors:

Customized as RAL colors

Installation methods:

interior installing, exterior installing, middle installing